😷 Looking after a sick child

Anyone else get excited when you hit go on releasing school reports to parents? It’s not in my job description but I had to help with the primary reports this semester.

😴 Need more sleep

This could be my favourite cover so far.

🥳 Last week of school vibes activated

🎄 Preparing for Perth Christmas lunch

I’m looking forward to trying this new 3D scanner later today. Reality Scan

Here’s the post from my school i3 Live Pitch 2022

Another i3 Live Pitch day done and dusted. I’ll try and find some pics on our school socials. It was a great day that was topped off with my pick of teams winning. They worked so hard all year and it was great seeing them pulling it off with some tough competition.

I don’t miss most of Twitter but I wish my education follows moved to Mastodon too. Talk about FOMO from that scene.

Seeing many articles like this. Twitter, failure modes, and your favorite bar

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s i3 Live Pitch at my school. This is such an effort for the students and staff. 40 teams of 5 pitching to industry judges, to see who has the best solution to a UN development goal. It’s going to be great. I’ll try posting pics through the day.

🪺 Taking Twitter off my homescreen

😬 At the dentjist

Just got official word that on Monday I get to dress like a PE teacher. 🏃

😎 Taking a day off

Good morning

I’m finding Mastodon is giving me all my social needs but where are all the education people 🤷‍♂️

I’m actually not even sure I’m going wait for Twitter to break. I’m thinking of just leaving.

Block and report both E and the yellow man.

I’m really enjoying using Mastoot for Mastadon. It seems to hold the timeline position really well and looks nice too. I wish it was easier to favourite and boost though.

🥳 I ate the Maxibon

🍦 Deciding if I should eat a Maxibon

Irony of the day was deciding to double down on Twitter and keep Mastodon for the occasional check. If only I waited about 10min 😂

A good time to make sure you start sharing where we can find each other. Mastodon seems to be a good choice but share your blogs etc so we can find each later.