Current Lock Screen rotation. iOS 16 is going to be a popular update.

Finished watching 📺 The Sandman and it was fantastic. Episode 5 and 6 were the highlights. I got a real kick out of th exploration of life, death and hope. Highly recommended.

How I use Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has been my podcast player of choice for a while now. It ticks many boxes including great design, reliability and a great Apple Watch app with offline playback. I believe I have a fairly unique way of using Pocket Casts so I thought I'd share it. The flow is inspired by Castro an iOS app that uses an inbox system to filter new episodes.

I use the Podcasts tab rarely and I have found no need for folders. I subscribe to a small list of podcasts I "always" listen to so maybe that helps my system. Pocket Casts does keep historical data for podcast even if you unsubscribe and resubscribe later, which I think is super neat. Looking at this tab you can see I sort by episode release date, large artwork and I show badges for unfinished episodes.

Pocket Casts whole design paradigm revolves around filters and they are super powerful. Most of my interaction with the app happens with my Inbox filter.

The Inbox filter displays episodes released in the last 24 hours that have not been downloaded. I have the app configured so that any episode added to the queue is automatically downloaded, any podcasts that is automatically set to go on the queue then does not show in the Inbox (or briefly).

So how do I triage what goes in my queue? I have all podcasts set to notify on a new episode and use the scheduled summary feature of iOS 15+. When I check the scheduled summary I will open the Inbox and decide if I want to either:

  1. Add it to my queue
  2. Archive unplayed immediately
  3. Leave to be unplayed and not archived

Anything left will be removed from the Inbox after 24 hours of being released. This keeps the list empty most of the time.

I also use an Unplayed filter as a quick way to work through my list of older unplayed episodes that are not archived. I sort this filter with oldest first.

I have been using this system for a while now and it works really well for me.

Always looking for study music

How listening to uninterrupted noise helped millions to focus…

Spent the afternoon recovering my sons Jeep. Not what I was planning but it was an adventure. Poor guy is having a run of bad luck at the moment, I hope things start turning around.

I was explaining Vincent Van Gough to my daughter and said how he was an amazing artist but very sad man, Doctor Who even tried to help him and was unsuccessful. Then I had to explain who Doctor Who is.

This is why I don’t teach history or primary school.

So it’s not exactly great diagnosis but at at least I know. Basically Osteitis Pubis. 3 months off running and rehab. Hopefully I’ll be pain free and can start running again after that. At least my running career is not over.

I think emoji home screens are going to be super popular in iOS 16. Too much fun. 👍

As an #ADE I am a little offended by this article. Zero mention that other big tech companies do the same cough Microsoft.

Tech giant Apple wielding ‘unprecedented’ influence on teacher expertise: study…

TIL that I can’t be a genius and 21st Century Learning Skills were created by a partnership comprised of firms such as Apple, Dell, and Microsoft which does not make me think critically about why there are only 4 and they all start with “C” at all. 😂

Simple App Development with Swift Playgrounds Guides

I have created a series of videos introducing app development using Swift Playgrounds on either iPadOS or macOS. Each video steps through the process of creating a very simple app and I envision this as a great starter to using SwiftUI. I hope you enjoy this basic starter series.

You can jump straight to a YouTube Playlist

Create Apps and Stacks

Adding Colour

Adding Gradients

Adding Images

Adding SF Symbols

Adding Views and Tabs

Seems like a good episode to listen to 😂. David Brown - Really Specific Stories

Love is paying $50 to see Minions with your daughter - the exact price we spend as a family to watch multiple streaming services for a whole month.

Eero update added local DNS caching and I’m sure it’s made the Internet faster again. I’m so impressed with Eero.

No running for the time being 😭. Nearly 5 weeks since taking a break and I’m still having issues. Today I met with a sports doctor and I’m getting an MRI. In 2 weeks I should know more about what is happening. In the meantime I’m walking and going to try Apple Fitness+ 🤷‍♂️

My truck had a warning light that was very strange. We we driving before sunset in the middle of nowhere, on the lookout for kangaroos so a bit concerning. It turns out the light was telling us that it was less than 4 degrees outside of the car. Thanks truck 🤪

Safe on the other side (with the help of a shovel)

An echidna stopping and having a rest half way across the road.

Stunning sunset for our first night.

Playing with shadows

Setup at camp 🏕

Driving at sunset 🌅

Heading off on our first trip towing a camper trailer. Shark bay (Hamlin Pool) is our destination and I’m super excited. Also no mobile coverage while at the caravan park so this means a real break. I even have a good book to read.

Issues with Swift Playgrounds and App Development

I have found a couple of issues while using Swift Playgrounds for app development, which is kinda frustrating.

  1. There seems to be no way to run the and test on my iPhone without going down the test flight route. This is disappointing as my students live seeing their apps on their own iPhones. I’m wondering if we can get around this with Xcode somehow.

  2. NavigationViews preview like an iPad/macOS app with a side bar etc, I cannot seem to force iPhone only, so its adding a level of difficulty I did not want to cover with my students. I’m getting around this by making sure in my guides I will focus on using the live preview rather than running the app.

If you have any suggestions to get around these two issues please let me know.

Remember this is the first experience my students are going to have with app development and they need simple answers.

Ms. Marvel started out well but I’m struggling with so much hand waving and completely ignoring how normal people react to what is happening around them. Hopefully it improves.