My new thing is going to be asking to pay less for a long black anywhere that charges more for “special” milk. Let’s see how I go 😂

My truck looking great 😎

If you have a 4wd and recovery gear you can do some great exploring just north of the town. We even saw an emu with babies amongst other wildlife.

I highly recommend the Z Bend hike if you visit the Kalbarri National Park. The Sky Walk was great but this was amazing.

Good morning from our campsite. Wogoe Campsite.

Since the Apple event I have scratched my Series 7 Apple Watch face twice, once on the top and today on the bottom. These are clearly noticeable. Basically 11 months of no scratches and bang 2 in 2 weeks.

I’ll be home for one week day this holidays and that is a public holiday. Week 1 camping in the new camper trailer just south of Kalbarri. Week 2 flying to Broome for some “hanging by the pool with no children” time. I have earned this holiday!

Finished the term with a treat for myself. I couldn’t justify an Apple Watch Ultra this year but a new band is another story. Green Alpine Loop. It’s super comfy and looks great.

Wow, Andor is good. Plan to watch first 3 episodes in one go. So allow 1 hr 30m. Best Star Wars TV show?? 🤔

Current #homescreen.

‎If you’ve upgrade to iOS 16, Sticker Drop is a neat new app to make your own stickers.

Back to only one wallpaper (Birchler) and setting the colour for text and widgets on Lock Screen. I still cannot run but Strava is there to remind me one day it will happen. I will probably replace battery widget once iOS 16 goes live and more apps have widgets.

Father’s Day starting with hugs, breakfast and this beast

VR Art Exhibition ready to go @StMarysAGS - I’m so excited about getting this going. So cool to see the students SketchUp designs in VR.

Today feels like the first time since catching COVID that I don’t feel like it’s affecting me. I’m still tired and my fractured bone is sore but I think it’s a win.

The effects of COVID in one photo.

Finally deleted my Facebook account. 🎉

Trying Teams Reflect with my class. They definitely enjoyed being candid and having options to be tired and angry.

How to make a great presentation

What I am about to go through comes from the research of Dr Jared Horvath and I recommend seeking down his book, YouTube channel and sign up for professional development/learning from him.

I am going to keep this simple (read above if you want the evidence):

  • We cannot multitask. We can jump between tasks but not multitask.

  • We cannot read and listen at the same time. Try it, read a piece of text whilst someone reads it to you. Sorry english teachers, you have been wrong all these years.

  • We want deep notes, not shallow. Deep notes are there to make connections.

Considering these, how do you make a good presentation?

  1. Start with your slides, they should be
    • basic with a plain (white) background
    • have one or just a few words (not a sentence)
    • either no image or a simple one.
    • and yes, this may mean taking 4 dot points an making a slide for each - that's ok your computer can handle it.
  2. If you need a page of information on a slide, DO NOT read it, ask the learners to read it to themselves (no peer reading out loud). Then follow up with questions to check for understanding.
  3. As you progress through your presentation allow time for the learners to gather their thoughts about what has been covered. This may mean summarising key points, providing prompts and encouraging noting/drawing big ideas.

And that is it.

Now go and try it out, I'll give you some homework.

I want you to pick a class and identify what impact you are looking for from making the change. Run a pre test and then a post test implementing the changes. After each test observe the impact.

It could be as simple as observing at how many times students asked what they are supposed to be doing during the lesson.

You can run these tests all the time.

Now to flip the coin, what do you do as the learner?

Remember we cannot multitask

  1. Don't be a speech to text machine.
  2. Remove distractions. AKA the technology of choice.
  3. Fidget widgets are ok because they are not necessarily another task (rabbit hole opened)
  4. Watch and listen to the presenter. Look directly at them
  5. When appropriate, make deep notes and consider connections

Finally, talk to your learners about this, teach them the why and talk about the changes they see in their learning..

Now you know this, you will never see another presentation the same again.

Not sure what I should have done but I hired a movie on the Apple TV app and downloaded it before the flight. When I hit play it wanted Internet to allow me to play. Not happy. At least Disney+ worked, I watched Prey and it was not bad at all.

So it looks like they have a good list of reasons and to be honest they are not hard to solve. If there is any mention of “pay for performance” then they have failed straight away. Teacher Workforce Shortages Issues Paper

So I lost my iPad at the conference. There was a good 20min of frantically running around the venue using Find My to no success. Luckily security had it and it was safely returned.

I can feel a blog post on how to make a good presentation developing. 😁

Current Lock Screen rotation. iOS 16 is going to be a popular update.

Finished watching 📺 The Sandman and it was fantastic. Episode 5 and 6 were the highlights. I got a real kick out of th exploration of life, death and hope. Highly recommended.