I am sharing this because it is another great method to add alt text to images. The prompt alone is worth it if you do not want to use “pay as you go” or sign up for ChatGTP Plus. In my testing it costs 1 cent (Australian) to get a description using “pay as you go”. Generate Alt Text with OpenAI Vision - HeyDingus

Today we visited Yaburgurt Cirkelstone in Mandurah. These Giant sculptures are very impressive. more info

Yaburgurt Cirkelstone

Yaburgurt Cirkelstone

Yaburgurt Cirkelstone

Yaburgurt Cirkelstone.

‘Impossible’ to create AI tools like ChatGPT without copyrighted material, OpenAI says | OpenAI | The Guardian

it would be impossible to train today’s leading AI models without using copyrighted materials

Any company that is ok with ignoring the content theft that OpenAI has carried out should also be happy with anyone “using” their product for free.

I’m wondering if I change my blog and Mastodon workflow to be more like quick posts only go to Mastodon and longer stuff to the blog. I am wondering if this will encourage me to write longer posts too.

I have feelings about the Copilot key but I’m not sure what they are. It’s a real rush to market for a very untested feature. Also I still cannot move images and tables in Word without it destroying my document. 🤷‍♂️

I think I like posting from Drafts and using Mimi uploader for images. Hopefully multiple images works too.

Wave Rock, Western Australia. This time just before 5am.

Wave Rock, Western Australia

Wave Rock, Western Australia

A test

Anyone else think The Creator was a pretty dodgy movie full of stupid people doing stupid and unrealistic things? The editing was so bad that there were huge jumps in time spread over minutes and I think they only did it because the plot was so not thought out. Disappointed ☹️

Travelling with bad internet is hard. I can just do the bare minimum. Interacting with post is hit and miss and posting images seems to be a random piece of luck.

So here is my first #homescreen change. New wallpaper.

Is it too bonkers to post my Home Screen everyday?

My Carrot Weather year in review.

Weather review details from Carrot Weather App.

Top TV Shows 2023

Here is my list of TV Shows I watched in 2023 and remembered to note in order of favourite to least favourite. I may have missed a series or two but right now I cannot remember.

  1. The Last of Us
  2. Doctor Who
  3. Slow Horses
  4. Blue Eyed Samurai
  5. Loki
  6. Foundation
  7. Silo
  8. One Piece
  9. Ted Lasso
  10. Invincible
  11. Deadlock
  12. Black Mirror
  13. A Murder at the End of the World
  14. Pluto
  15. The Mandalorian
  16. The Witcher
  17. Alice in Borderland
  18. Hijack
  19. Sweet Tooth
  20. Platonic
  21. Shrinking
  22. Bodies
  23. Ahsoka
  24. The Last Thing He Told Me
  25. The Secret Wars

I’ve replaced Threads with the Journal app. #homescreen

This place is stunning. Hellsfire Bay, Cape Le Grand, Western Australia.

Some small things washed up at Hellsfire Bay, Cape Le Grand, Western Australia.

Macro photo of the remains of a small sea creature in the sand.

Blue Eyed Samurai just smashed it into my top 10 TV shows of the year. Highly recommended.