My truck had a warning light that was very strange. We we driving before sunset in the middle of nowhere, on the lookout for kangaroos so a bit concerning. It turns out the light was telling us that it was less than 4 degrees outside of the car. Thanks truck 🤪

Safe on the other side (with the help of a shovel)

An echidna stopping and having a rest half way across the road.

Stunning sunset for our first night.

Playing with shadows

Setup at camp 🏕

Driving at sunset 🌅

Issues with Swift Playgrounds and App Development

I have found a couple of issues while using Swift Playgrounds for app development, which is kinda frustrating.

  1. There seems to be no way to run the and test on my iPhone without going down the test flight route. This is disappointing as my students live seeing their apps on their own iPhones. I’m wondering if we can get around this with Xcode somehow.

  2. NavigationViews preview like an iPad/macOS app with a side bar etc, I cannot seem to force iPhone only, so its adding a level of difficulty I did not want to cover with my students. I’m getting around this by making sure in my guides I will focus on using the live preview rather than running the app.

If you have any suggestions to get around these two issues please let me know.

Remember this is the first experience my students are going to have with app development and they need simple answers.

Ms. Marvel started out well but I’m struggling with so much hand waving and completely ignoring how normal people react to what is happening around them. Hopefully it improves.

Proposed Computer Science ATAR and Python

Recently my local state educational body (SCSA) proposed an update to the Computer Science course that provides entrance to university. The old course was very out of date and it was good to see a change being made. Unfortunately amongst the good was the decision to only allow one programming language to be taught and that language was Python.

I do not have any direct issue with Python, even though it may not be ideal as a language to teach coding, but that is another discussion.

Below is the feedback I provided SCSA during the feedback phase. I’m hopeful there can be a change made, but I am doubtful.

I would strongly advocate changing the requirement of one language (Python) to having more choice. Below are some of the reasons and considerations:

Are there any any other educational systems that have a computer science university entrance course that only have the option for one language?

If one language is a requirement there should be more consultation on the choice of Python.

Choosing one language will help make an online exam easier to create and assess, this begs the questions of why the exam is testing specific coding skills and not be focused more on algorithmic thinking. There is no need to examine specific language skills.

There appears to be a large influence from Curtin University in the choices made, what feedback have other universities provided?

Arguing that there are many resources for Python is a moot point as other languages also have many resources and support.

There is a risk setting a precedent for the K-10 Digital Technologies course to follow suite or teachers and schools will feel compelled to teach Python so that their students are experienced in Python when commencing ATAR.

Overall, this is dramatic change has serious consequences that I do not believe have been considered or weighted accordingly.

Today I taught my daughter how to put together IKEA furniture and mow the lawn and she was brilliant. I call that a win.

School holidays begins and I think I really need this one. 3 weeks to chill out and relax. Next week I create a series of videos on how to make apps with Swift Playgrounds. 🤣

Please bring this to Australia - iOS 16 let’s users report spam messages as junk

All these apps collecting data about children, that cannot voice if they want that data collected. Do we really need to know when your child has a snack at day care? Let alone the security and privacy concerns.

I’m officially taking a month off running. My coach told me that it’s normal for elite runners take a month off every year 🤣. My injury is already feeling better so I’m hopeful that I will be back to normal soon. Also my coach told me not to eat too much - thanks coach 😆

Being home with a sick daughter meant I got to watch the #ObiWan finale as soon as it dropped. All I’m going to say is that it was fantastic and made me very happy and very emotional. Nice work Deborah Chow and the team. Now perhaps it’s time for a Star Wars remake 🖐🎤 ⬇️

I was wrong CleanShotX is great and I’m glad I bought it. Of course the built in Mac stuff does the job but I take screenshots all the time and this has some great time saving features. Also education pricing is available.

So Internet Explorer is over. It’s started well and then Microsoft let it become the dirge of technology. A great example of what no competition and not following open standards can do. It’s scary to think that Edge has a mode so businesses can still use IE junk. Goodbye 👋

#TIL about auto brewery syndrome as my daughter has a patient under her care. Crazy, your body turns carbs into alcohol so you are constantly drunk.

My Eero 6+ arrived and so far it’s all it’s cracked up to. A huge noticeable difference to my Internet speed. Just think, I’m still using the same “modem” to the same “crap” NBN but now using great networking infrastructure. Highly recommended.

Spent 4 hours trying to troubleshoot a Homebridge issue I had after changing network settings. I managed to figure out the config did not like “http” in front of the IP address I used. I’m sure I didn’t add it but it fixed it by removing it.

I have finally splashed out on an Eero wifi network. Gone with the 6+ model. I have some network reconfiguration to do but it should help out with the demand all our devices make. Fingers crossed it’s worth it.

So it’s finally got to the point that my coach and I have decided I might benefit from not running. I am taking at least this week off. I highly recommend to not pull a groinie. 😆

Another great video from WWDC22 Explore navigation design for iOS.

About a year ago I stopped using the native Twitter app as I started getting a “promoted tweets” every 4-5 tweets. I still think this is a bug but is this what it’s like for everyone?