This year I have decided to have a theme. This came about as I left 2019 thinking it should have been an amazing year, yet I was feeling flat to almost negative (really, how?). I used my Christmas break to spend some time reflecting and deciding on change. During this time I also listened to Cortex Episode 95: Yearly Themes where it was discussed their previous themes, what they were planning and why “resolutions” fail. It was perfect timing for me and almost instantly I chose 2020 to be the year of Positivity.

The theme means that I make choices to end with a positive. It’s not just about looking at life being “half full”. It is me actively trying to make change to be positive. An example is adjusting the way I use twitter, so I see more of what I find positive. Or even blogging more - I do not care if anyone reads what I’m writing but it brings me joy.

Now if you are not up for a long podcast and want to know more, it just so happens that one of the hosts of Cortex (CGP Grey) just dropped a great movie on his YouTube channel and I highly recommend giving it watch.…

Remember a year can start anywhere and it doesn’t need to be for a whole year - it could be a season or a term of school. If you’d like to share your theme I’d love to hear.