iOS 13.3.1 solved all of the bugs I was experiencing with Apple Mail and I am most happy about this because I love using the markup features.

It’s easy to markup an inserted image. Just tap the image and tap the Markup option.

You then have access to all of the drawing tools.

There is also a feature to markup a PDF file or image received in an email and then send the the markup changes as a reply or add to a new email.

When opening a PDF file or image received in an email, use the markup icon to begin the process.

Make the changes and then choose the done button. Mail will then ask to attach the markup document in a reply or a new email.

This is great.

To access all of Mails tools choose the arrow above the keyboard.

The tool bar will open.

From here it’s easy to change the font, insert a photo, take a photo, insert a document from Files, scan and insert a document and finally write a note.

All these features are available on the Mac too so it’s great jumping between the two.