This has been an interesting year for my running. I started off so well and worked hard to complete my first marathon since back surgery. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 my plans were put on hold when the Bunbury Marathon was cancelled and I had to plan for a race later in the year.

Unfortunately again, I suffered from an injury that I am still having issues with. Taking weeks to diagnose and not treating correctly, my piriformis has been a pain in the ass 🤣.

As my recovery continued I decided to investigate having a running coach take over and hopefully set me up to complete a long time goal. At this stage I am super happy and his advice has been awesome. If you are interested he runs Stazza’s Stable and I highly recommend his services.

So this year has been a roller coaster and I can only hope 2021 will bring success. Time will tell I guess.

If you are wondering, I am aiming for a sub 3 hour marathon some time in August or October depending on my training and if events go ahead.