Today I started using WorkOutDoors for my runs again and I’m going to provide regular updates on how the app performs.

My wife has recently set a challenge to compete in a triathlon so after much research I decided that a Garmin Fenix 6S would suit her needs the most. While setting it up I realised many of the features that the Apple Watch lacks for running and I started to look into what apps are out there. This lead me to WorkOutDoors which seems to be the runners favourite Apple Watch app.

Of all the things I wanted in the app the ability to have more data screens and be able to do interval sessions easier were most important. WorkOutDoors more than covers these requirements.

When I downloaded the app I really didn’t like the default screens. I wanted to make sure I could see the data I needed clearly. So that became my first tweak. There are so many options it is mind bending.

Today was just an easy run for 65 min, it gave me a good change to try out what I had set up.

Overall it worked really well and I again made some tweaks which you can see in the image below.

Interestingly it really does seem that Apple really has an opportunity to improve the built in Workouts app and make the Apple Watch more functional. Hopefully this is something on the planning board.