I decided today that I really did need a new thermometer for my Weber. I have had nothing for a couple of months now and I can only do simple cooking, like chicken wings, steak and burgers. Today I wanted to cook pork belly bits and I knew that I would need to monitor the ambient temperature.

I chose to get the Weber Connect Smart Barbecue Hub mainly as my local shop had them in stock so it was a quick buy. The other thought was even though it was more than I wanted to spend (AUS$200), being made by Weber it should be quality, but who knows?

So far I am pretty happy. I really like:

  • USB recharging
  • Wifi connection (I can check temps while not at home!!!)
  • Longer probe wires
  • Magnetic base
  • Easy to see

I am excited that now I can start doing low and slow bbq’ing again.

My other choice was an Inkbird (which was the make of my last thermometer that broke) or the Meater, which costs even more (for wifi) and only has one probe.