My recent travels instigated a rethink of how I access the Camera App on my iPhone. Straight to the point, I have removed the app from my Home Screen and the control from the Control Centre. I have spent many years with this setup, the logic being that the camera is available as quick as possible from anywhere in iOS and not thinking about it. In reality this caused more thinking as my brain got stuck deciding which method to go with; swipe to home, swipe top right, swipe top middle.

What I realised is the best and only place to launch the Camera App for me is from the iOS Lock Screen. The logic now being that it is immediately accessible when picking the up my iPhone and by swiping down from the centre (or left) of the top of the screen which can be done from anywhere in iOS. There really isn’t need for anywhere else.

I have been much happier with the process and I recommend giving this a go.