I think I’m going to stop cross posting so much. Mastodon and Threads for random and not the same thoughts, blog for the more profound longer stuff.

    The new “fade to black” wallpaper addition to iOS 17 is nice but there seems to be no control over it.

    I’m really liking not saying “hey” before “Siri”.

    Spent about an hour today revisiting Notion as an option to keep on top of my projects and tasks, especially with taking on a new role next year. For now I’m sticking to Things and introducing time blocking in my calendar. I also stand by my previous thoughts that Notion is an excellent time sink.

    I cannot figure out how to edit the apps on the iOS 17 Messages app drawer thing. But do not remove them from here as it deletes the whole app from your device. 😳

    I tried StandBy on my iPhone last night just by leaning my phone on its side. Today I ordered the Twelve South Forté stand.

    iOS 17 is running fine on my iPad Pro and now I’m thinking of putting on my iPhone 😀

    How did I get here Monday morning 😳

    (Note: I’m not posting my Things todo list 🤣)

    Can mastodon rename itself Twitter if there is no company with that name?

    Just started watching The Bear and my goodness those people need to cheer up and start being nice to each other. I’m not sure what I’m missing but I don’t think this is for me.

    Got fed up with the “Nothing” look, it got boring pretty quick. I think the Nothing phone looks good but I never put my phone face down and I like a bit more colour.

    Post trip service and maintenance for my truck came in at $1900 (US$1200). So overall with diesel we hit over $6500 (US$4400) for the trip. That’s about $70 ($US50) per day. Something to consider for long trips.

    My first apps from the App Store

    I know I’m late but picked up Zelda TOTK today. Was $20 cheaper for the physical game card so an easy choice. I finished the first shrine and it is just delightful to play.

    Now the trip is over I’m so glad to delete Google Maps. Highly overrated app that just does weird things like offer slower routes and has a pretty unintuitive UI. I used it purely for offline maps which I’m happy to seeing coming to Apple Maps in iOS 17.

    So I opened Unread (RSS) and got caught up on everything important to me. Then opened Ivory (Mastodon) to see what’s up with those I’m interested in following. Then opened Threads (The Algorithm) just to skim over what everyone else is carrying on about. Maybe it’s all going to be ok.

    Final stats for the trip.

    • 14,974.4km (odometer looped after 10k)
    • 14.5 l/100km
    • 266.5 hours (11 days)
    • 2171 litres of fuel

    Not bad stats.

    Today is our last day of travelling. We have about 650km left to drive and it will be all over. Being on the road, living out of a camper trailer just feels normal.

    Threads proves Mastodon needs quote posts.

    4 days from home and 5 days until I buy TOTK.

    Just like any travel plans we adapt as we go. The current plan is we will be home on Saturday. The end of 13 weeks on the road, living out of our camper trailer.

    We are in Broome until Thursday and then we will drive the 2000km over 3 days.

    I’m looking forward to retrospectively sharing our journey.

    Episode 2 of The Secret Invasion was way better than the first, thank goodness.

    I really enjoyed season 6 of Black Mirror. I’m not sure how it relates to technology like seasons in the past but it was good none the less.

    Just realised I had a post ready to go just before we found out my car was fixed. This was back in Tom Price and about 6 weeks ago 😂.

    Secret Invasion is going to need to do something episode 2 as that was very bland and dare I say, boring.

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