Simple App Development with Swift Playgrounds Guides

I have created a series of videos introducing app development using Swift Playgrounds on either iPadOS or macOS. Each video steps through the process of creating a very simple app and I envision this as a great starter to using SwiftUI. I hope you enjoy this basic starter series.

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Create Apps and Stacks

Adding Colour

Adding Gradients

Adding Images

Adding SF Symbols

Adding Views and Tabs

Issues with Swift Playgrounds and App Development

I have found a couple of issues while using Swift Playgrounds for app development, which is kinda frustrating.

  1. There seems to be no way to run the and test on my iPhone without going down the test flight route. This is disappointing as my students live seeing their apps on their own iPhones. Iā€™m wondering if we can get around this with Xcode somehow.

  2. NavigationViews preview like an iPad/macOS app with a side bar etc, I cannot seem to force iPhone only, so its adding a level of difficulty I did not want to cover with my students. Iā€™m getting around this by making sure in my guides I will focus on using the live preview rather than running the app.

If you have any suggestions to get around these two issues please let me know.

Remember this is the first experience my students are going to have with app development and they need simple answers.

Launching an App to the App Store

Super Colour

It has been 2 weeks now since Super Colour was released on the App Store. What started with an experiment in converting Unit 4 from Apples’ Develop in Swift Explorations from Xcode Interface Builder to SwiftUI, ended up being a great learning experience and dare I say, a neat little app.

There a number of hurdles to get over when going through the whole process, which probably took more time than developing the app. It is not just a “click submit” and you are done, so keep that in mind if you decide to release something of your own.

From the data I can see it is installed on a whopping 20 iPhones worldwide, which does make me smile šŸ˜. I honestly had the biggest fun making and releasing the app plus I already have plans for my next.

SwiftUI - Adding Tabs

This guide will show how to add Tabs to your app. It is quick and easy, thanks to SwiftUI and allows you start adding multiple views to your app.…

SwiftUI - Creating New Views

This guide will show how to create a new View so that we can modularise our code, making it easier to modify and maintain.…

SwiftUI - Using SF Symbols

SF Symbols are a great little bonus when developing apps. It is a whole suite of iconography that can be used throughout a design. This guide explains how to use them in SwiftUI.…

SwiftUI - Adding Images

In this guide, I will show you how to add images to a SwiftUI app. Look for a nice image before you start. šŸ˜Š…

SwiftUI - Adding Gradient Colour

SwifUI makes it super easy to add gradient colour effects to your app design. This guide will show you the basics to get started and provide some inspiration for your own designs.…

SwiftUI - Adding Colour

In this guide, I will be explaining how to add colour to the SwiftUI app. It is very simple and I show a couple of tricks to make things easier.…

SwiftUI - Alternative methods to add and modify Text and Stacks

In the follow up to my last post, this guide will show how to use the object library in Xcode to place Text and Stacks directly into the design preview of an app. Yes, this means knowing less code. It is a close to drag and drop coding you can get and it works rather well.

The guide also introduces the attributes inspector to modify objects in the design, say for instance what font style the Text has. Again less coding required. šŸ˜…

SwiftUI - Basic VStack|HStack|ZStack

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