Don’t ever question my organisational skills or as my wife puts it my “OCD” 🤣. Next weeks clothes and equipment separated into daily piles.

This looks super cool landmark text based game designer coming to VR.

Some excellent PL today with The Learning Blueprint. We covered the foundations of thinking and principles of human learning. Jared Cooney-Horvath was so clear in his in explanation. I’m looking forward to implementing our first homework.

Why do the makers of Outlook think that in the Calendar week view that today should not be pinned to the left? Who needs to see what they did 6 days ago more than seeing 6 days ahead??

I really enjoyed this episode of and you are? talking to Kia Kamgar @kiakamgar. It was another opportunity to reflect on being productive and simple.

Finished reading: Nemesis Games by James S. A. Corey 📚. I liked the changes that were made in the TV show and how they gave more to Avasarala - I wonder if it was because Shohreh Aghdashloo is just so good in that role. 🤷‍♂️

Last thing before heading home was bus duty where I had a great time catching up with students I don’t teach anymore.

In the afternoon I was shown how our performing arts technician has rigged up a whole streaming setup. He showed us how to run it all so we could take over for whatever reason. By the way, I can highly recommend vMix.

Lunchtime today was our first student lead Minecraft club of the year. The girls (and myself) were shown how to start the coding activities and get familiar with the Edu version of Minecraft. I liked how they helped me with all my questions too. 😁

Today I spent too long battling Canva to make a TikTok to teach how to use Canva to make a TikTok because students can’t use TikTok to make a TikTok. 🥹

Some days I just want to post what I did today. I wonder if anyone is interested. Then I find myself reading what others did and really enjoy it. 🤔

Super happy to pick up a pair of Nike ZoomX Invincibles on special today. I also had a $50 voucher which turned it into a huge bargain. 👍

Always feel lucky to watch this kind of sunset.

As a new owner of a M1 MacBook Air I would like to know how everything is so much faster and I mean everything. Even browsing the web is faster. There’s a lot to be said about it not having a touch screen but having “instant” is amazing.

I have to recommend Camo for improving the quality of video calls. Someone even asked how my video quality was so much better than everyone else after a presentation today and that was using the free 720p setting.

This could be useful for many educators. MaskerAid uses image recognition to automatically add emoji to faces on photos. 👍

After trying EpocCam for a few Teams calls, I have decided that it has major issues and is unusable. I am now testing Camo which looks much better but with a significant price tag. They do offer edu pricing which I am investigating.

An i3 launch day means a new colour polo shirt - I’ve waited years for orange. This year we had the added complexity to have our 40 teams of Year 10 girls to meet & ideate with their 2 industry & peer mentors over Teams meetings, spread across the school. Somehow it worked!

This is my iPhone holding rig. Features a Glif holder, a Joby light and some bits I’ve collected.

This is the most crazy thing/bug I have not heard of. If you use an external camera in Teams on a Mac it will be super choppy, the solution is to open FaceTime or Zoom and it fixes it. I’d been playing with EpocCam Pro and given up. Now I get super clear video.

My scales wished me happy birthday and then told me I’d put on weight - thanks buddy, you could have lied. 😂

Makes you realise how powerful the camera app on your phone is. I’ve enjoyed the cameras on my 13 Pro and this article has helped me understand how to get the most from it.…

And some more. I’ll be trying these next week.

Some really great ideas here for mask wearing in classrooms.…

Taking some queues from @XpatEducator, I’ve put together a Term 1 overview for our i3 program. It gives you a hint of what @SmagsF and the team puts together for the girls.