I’ve been at an #Innovationineducation festival & Twitter was barely mentioned as a place to share the hashtag. I’m not sure the reason but it wasn’t that long ago that when a hashtag was offered, it meant Twitter. There was even a selfie comp that only took place on LinkedIn 🤔

Yesterday I placed 2nd in a Mario Kart competition and won a $750 prize for my school. Today Mike Ellis have me m&m’s. Possibly my childhood dreams coming true.

I’m interested to see how all the people that follow over 1000 people go on Mastodon. There is no algorithm to control the timeline, you get everything. I’m currently following 79 people and I’m struggling to keep up.

Is it me or is it random what happens when you click “Load more” in the Mastodon iOS app. Is there a way to load but keep your position?

Great news from my sports doctor. All my bloods are good. It looks like I am just having a delayed heal. I have been given the go ahead to start walking regularly which is fantastic. Fingers crossed that in 6 weeks I can start running.

I don’t get Mastodon’s aversion to a quoted boost. Boosting alone adds no context to and why you’d like others to see the post. Yes someone may be critical but that’s how conversations work.

😌 Relaxing after a very productive weekend.

😁 Enjoying a lovely Friday night

Big trip 2023. Term 2 - 14 weeks. Here’s the current plan

Just booked another campsite for our 2023 big trip. Karijini is going to be a highlight for sure.

🤕 Fending off a mid week headache

I just figured that you can set specific bookmark favourites in Safari per tab group and then set that tab group to show when in a specific focus. 😍

I think I scare people by saying “technology is not good for learning”. I need to rephrase it to “technology not used effectively is not good for learning”. The problem is that technology is being designed to distract us from staying focused and thus not being effective. 🤷‍♂️

☕️ Excited to be getting the coffee machine back

I’m going to give Mastodon another go. So far it’s a bit trickier to setup than Twitter. I’m superdavey@social.lol and I’m using Tooot for my iOS app.

🤣 Looking forward to the weekend

☀️ Enjoying a bit of sun

Yesterday I completed The Learning Blueprint from Dr Jared Cooney Horvath. Possibly the best PL I have been involved with and the content was invaluable as an educator. I have some big take always that will definitely change my teaching and learning into the future. 👍

I’ve decided to turn off Stage Manager on all my devices. I think I’ve read many opinions since macOS 13 and iPadOS 16.1 but they all miss its biggest flaw. Stage Manager does not help focus and if anything adds distraction to the user.

So I’ve seen the sports doctor and the bone is not good. He actually asked if I’d been running 😂. I feel like it’s improving exponentially so fingers crossed it’s all good soon and it’s delayed in healing. Blood test Monday to see if there is something else causing the issue.

🍎 Updating everything

🦟 Dealing with a million insect bites

I posted this on Reddit and thought maybe I can get something happening. Anyone want to help me get this off the ground?

🛝 Playing at the park with my daughter and grand daughter

Not sure why I have to be “connected” to follow someone’s content on LinkedIn if we are all being so professional. Surely you should be able to just follow people 🤷‍♂️