Sent my wife the album art for Stars by PNAU to my wife and asked if she can track down that outfit. She replied that she would look like a poo. 👏

Cover art for Stars by PNAU the singer is wearing a skin tight golden brown body suit.

Sometimes the smallest things bring joy. Today was tracking down a nice pork belly to use Christmas Day for pork belly bites.

A raw pork belly vacuum sealed.

Spent over a week now only in the depths of Zelda TotK and it’s such a different experience. It took me a while to figure stuff out like how rivers on the land block the depths and even Lightroots are under Shrines. I have about 2 Lightroots to go now.

I’ve been toying with Ivory, Mona, Ice Cubes and Mammoth. They all have there quirks but I’m sticking with Ivory as it is the most polished. I have hopes for Mammoth though as I do like the original design language and the “algorithm”.

Things to be remembered for. 😳

Modern physicians attribute Toulouse-Lautrec's disability to a genetic disorder, caused by his aristocratic family's history of inbreeding.&10;As well as his fame as a painter, Toulouse-Lautrec was also infamous for his hedonistic lifestyle. His walking cane was hollowed out and filled with liquor, and he was also known to frequent prostitutes, often depicting them in his work.&10;By 1899 Toulouse-Lautrec's alcoholism was worsening and, following a collapse, he was committed to hospital. After his release his mental and physical health declined rapidly, compounded by the effects of syphilis.&10;He died in 1901, aged 36.

My current #homescreen 😎

The new Tab bar style in Mammonth 2.0 looks neat but breaks good design.

  1. The tabs move as you navigate between them forcing your brain and thumb adjust.
  2. The icons are forced tiny to fit the tab title horizontally.
  3. Why even have the tab title, which causes problem 1 and 2?
Tab bar in Mammoth 2.0. Each tab has a small icon and expands to show title when chosen.

The narrative “Apple needs to open up iMessage as the kids are getting bullied” needs to stop. It’s stupid and dumb.

If you haven’t checked out A Murder at the End of the World I would recommend it.

I really appreciated the mavity of the second Doctor Who special.

Music yearly replay list are dumb when you have more than a one family member, drive in cars or listen to focus music at work. That’s why I don’t think Apple cares about it and I don’t either.

Slow Horses is back and it’s still brilliant.

I really enjoyed the 60th Anniversary Doctor Who special part 1. Very polished and lots of fun.

Looks like heat wave 🥵

Temperatures over the next week. Minimums of 25 and two days of 40 degrees Celsius.

Yesterday I wrote an email and decided to get Copilot Enterprise to “improve it”. The result bordered on spam and felt like a marketing department had written it for me. I promptly sent the original email I had typed.

Read a post the other day that basically accused Apple of causing kids to be bullied because they make a good phone. Yes, that’s right Tim Cook sits around thinking up ways to bully kids. For serious 🧐

Microblog app or “Add to Dock”?

Stage Manager is much more enjoyable on a big screen. (27" 4K)

Another weekend and some hours ticked off Zelda TotK and it’s still so much fun. Love finding new things to explore like accidentally getting the fifth sage before I was “supposed” to. Now I’m after sage’s wills and finding all the temples.

Kinda uncanny to be watching “Family Blood” episode of Doctor Who on Rememberance Day. It just happened that way.