An update on my injury and recovery. Basically the fracture healed but the bone stayed swollen (oedema) but slowly improving. About 2 weeks ago I started running but it’s all structural and slow. I don’t know how long this is going to take but at least I’m running again.

Just spent an hour trying to figure out how to make playlists in the new Microsoft Stream and I still cannot figure it out so a normal person can use it. It’s like they had the perfect YouTube for business and decided to set fire to it.

The whole “boost because no algorithm” mantra turns your timeline into posts from people you don’t follow, most of which are really only worthy of a like. It also encourages blocking boosts and unfollowing which is counter to what the end goal is supposed be.

The perfect day for the Giants of Mandurah and experience the beauty of the wetlands, waterways, bushland and wildlife on the lands of the Bindjareb Noongar people. Thomas Dambo’s sculptures were amazing.

And it’s gone

I respect Apple releasing the new Unity watch face today in Australia and yes I’m using it.

Just spend $5 on wallpapers and then made my wallpaper a gradient from Apple. 🤷‍♂️

Handy for Mastodon - How to write an image description

Running plan for the week. Today was 5mins running 😬

Longer posts to Mastodon from

After my last post I though my I’d test how longer posts cross post from to Mastodon. Maybe I should have added a title. Maybe should allow a longer post to Mastodon if the server allows. These are such good questions and someone will know the answer. I just want to know for the future.

That’s enough words - 332

Now that my Twitter feed is basically my “Education” list I’ve realised the amount of anxiety it causes seeing the great stuff other educators are doing. It’s the classic case of only seeing the curated side and leaves me feeling like I can never keep up. It’s a catch 22.

Perfect example, I just spent 5 weeks on an amazing holiday. I open Twitter and regret I haven’t spent enough time researching ChatGPT. That’s not good.

😴 Hoping to get my sleep pattern right again.

Just created a pinned tweet to point everyone that follow me to my address. I think that will be my last post. I may interact with others but I won’t add new tweets. Twitter was great but now it’s over.

After todays news about Twitter disabling 3rd app support I’m basically going to stop cross posting everything. I get plenty of conversations happening on Mastodon and I cannot support the changes Elon has made. Again I encourage everyone to make the switch.

It’s happening. My coach and I have decided to give it a go. Obviously starting back very easy. It’s been 7ish months since I last run and I cannot wait.

Enjoying my first walk back at home and it’s stunning. Some dolphins even welcomed me home.

Dolphins welcoming me hone on my walk.

Another great idea AI to teach coding in class #gpt3 #openai #ChatGPT

Managed to get a coffee in at the airport. Nice to ask for a long black and notice the immediate difference.

🦘 Back in Australia

What a disaster is Sydney Airport. Delayed landing didn’t help but the airport is setup so badly. Adults gets express entry but under 10’s need to go in a massive queue. There are queues everywhere and no really knows what is happening. Looks like we are missing the flight home.

I’m getting great value out of Mastodon’s ability to follow hashtags. You can even track the post count. I’m also trying Readwise which is working well to save posts or articles I’m finding.

✈️ Flying home

A great read but long - Inside Elon’s “extremely hardcore” Twitter

Today I officially became a lumberjack, chopped wood and lit a big fire. 🪓🪵🔥