On top of Sulphur Mountain

Eating Beavertails for the first time

On top of Sulphur Mountain

Views of Banff this morning at sunrise

When you walk out of the super market in Canmore, Alberta. (Canada)

Our home for 5 days

Finally got on Ivory

🚙 Excited about driving to Banff tomorrow

Is there a way to find out a users post to boost ratio or even how many posts/boosts they make on average?

My progress to running is struggling today. Perhaps it was the tobogganing or skidoo riding but I’m sore. I’ll keep things easy today for sure.

I want one of these shower infusion systems

At this point apps like Mona and Re: Toot are adding quote posting so it’s kind of a foregone conclusion. I don’t think users should be able to opt out of being quoted. I still would prefer to only see quote posts over a boost for most accounts.

Quoting @Gargron: mastodon.social/@Gargron/10962

🍖 Waiting for dinner

Just ticked driving a Skidoo at 80km/hr over a frozen lake off the bucket list. (With my daughter hanging on for dear life)

😄 Excited about 2023

If I needed to be said, my fitness goal for 2023 is to be back running. Fingers crossed I will meet that goal in the next few months. I’m at the 7 months mark since I stopped and it’s more than frustrating.

Today I drove in the scariest driving of my life. I drove for 2.5 hours in the dark with a thick fog on ice covered roads. All the normal safety measures like street lights, cats eyes and reflectors are no where to be seen as they don’t work with snow ploughs. Glad to make it.

Just spent the day skiing and Slopes is an amazing app. Great on an Apple Watch too. It automatically tracked everything.

Top of the mountain (well schoolhouse) at Marmot Basin. Such an awesome day of skiing.

⛷️ Going skiing

Last night we had our first spectacular viewing of the northern lights. It was definitely a bucket list item and we were super lucky. We even saw the sky pulsing.

Today we climbed into a frozen waterfall and it was just stunning.

Bathers snow run on Christmas Day

Some photos from Jasper yesterday (iPhone 13 Pro)

When you go looking for wild animals and you find a giant Santa instead.