Loki finale was brilliant and everything I wanted. Reminds me of Doctor Who so much in its playful yet serious take on time travel.

Perfectly said from Birchler. I saw the video before going for a run and thinking about all the demos. My primary concern is how this would possibly work perfectly with an iPhone and there is no way, it would not work with iMessage at all. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Thanks Generative AI and Adobe Firefly.

iPhone lock and Home Screen.

I’m loving the blues in this photo.

A beach scene at sunset. Looking back from a rock groin.


Hemispheric Views is one of my must listen shows and Episode 97 - Duel of the Defaults! was so much fun. The competition to score how β€œdefault” their apps were was gripping to the end. So here is mine.

  • Mail Client: Apple Mail
  • Mail Server: iCloud
  • Notes: Apple Notes
  • To-Do: Things 3
  • Photo Shooting: Apple Camera App
  • Photo Management: Apple Photos
  • Calendar: iCloud
  • Cloud file storage: iCloud
  • RSS: Unread via iCloud
  • Contacts: iCloud
  • Browser: Safari
  • Chat: Apple Messages
  • Bookmarks: Safari
  • Read It Later: Unread via iCloud
  • Word Processing: Word for work but also Page
  • Spreadsheets: Excel for work and Numbers for personal
  • Presentations: Keynote
  • Shopping Lists: Reminders
  • Meal Planning: what is this?
  • Budgeting & Personal Finance: Numbers
  • News: Apple News
  • Music: Apple Music
  • Podcasts: Pocketcasts
  • Password Management: iCloud
  • Photo Editing: Apple Photos

I think I scored pretty high in the end.

Loki is still the best thing Marvel/Disney has made.

Spent many hours of my teenage years playing this and other Palladium RPG’s. this was my first introduction to TMNT

Put back my socials as my experiment proved I still used them just as much but had to search in spotlight every time I opened them. I have made them less reachable.

This icon says it all really, Microsoft has no class.

All my screens right now. I’m working hard to show one piece of information in one place, weather being the only exception. I also have the same icon layout whether it be for work or not, I use focused modes to swap wallpaper.

Lock Screen

Hey Apple, feel free to make this a watch face on the Apple Watch.

Digital clock widget on iOS 17.2 Beta 1

Please Apple let me buy a yellow Magic Keyboard without an iMac. πŸ₯Ί

I remotely attended an all day AI in education PD today and some sessions were very valuable and helpful. Some sessions on the other hand had zero content relating to the title of the session and waffled on about a topic unrelated. Did they even chuck it in ChatGPT to get some ideas??

Yesterday I decided that I will go out of my to post something everyday to my socials. Today’s post is to point out I didn’t make it yesterday. πŸ˜‚

Just about bought a dbrand Something (Dark) Grip for $54 thinking it was in Australian dollars. Unfortunately that changed to $95 at checkout 😩

We found baby Black Swans and their mum and yes she wanted to kill me.

3 baby black swans on their nestA black swan being aggressive towards the camera man

We found a crazy long slide.

I saw Elon say that working from home is bad because not everyone can do it. You know what else is bad? People with billions of dollars because not everyone have it. Your move Elon.

Why do phone case manufacturers just stop making cases for older phones. Right now I can choose 5 colours for iPhone 15, 2 for iPhone 14 and 1 for iPhone 13 from Peak Design. The iPhone 13 is 2 years older old and many people would still like a colour other than black.

Today I learned that you can Siri search from the Lock Screen of an iPhone.