Yesterday we opened our parents teacher night bookings through Microsoft Bookings. So far I’m very positive, to be honest, it’s amazing. I have not seen many people sharing their online solutions to PT meetings so if you have questions, I’m happy to answer.

Book 4 of The Expanse complete. I liked how the book gave more insight to what Miller is, from my memory the TV show glossed over this. Finished reading: Cibola Burn by James S. A. Corey 📚

Wow and I thought PowerPoint needed some work. Google Slides really needs some work. 😳

An unusual post from me but I cannot recommend EpocCam. Seems to cause more trouble than just having a lower quality image.

I’ve just realised why have been using my iPad less at work - it’s because Face ID and wearing a mask. My iPhone and Mac both unlock so quick with my Apple Watch that it makes my iPad less appealing. I have not actively made the choice, my brain is just doing it.

USB-C charging is too hard. My Joby Beamo Mini has a USB-C hole but does not charge from a USB-C charger, it needs a USB to USB-C cable. My DJI Osmo 3 charges from USB-C from my laptop but not from my USB-C laptop charger. I prefer having multiple cables that always work.

Love Teams, works so well in many situations and has so many cool things it can do. But can someone make it that I don’t get an email when someone accepts my meeting invite? Even if I say they don’t need to respond I get them. Just about ready to make a rule or something.

My Deputy Principal just said she is sick of “Pivot” so she is saying “Reimagined” - so much respect!

I thought I’d nailed the valentine’s gift with 3 bars of Keto chocolate and ingredients to make her favourite dinner. She had already one upped me by gifting me a float and massage. Feeling very spoilt.

Just doing my weekly review and found this great little screenshot tool called Shottr. It’s completely free and works really nicely.

Great afternoon 4wd’ing in the dunes with my son out in Lancelin. So much fun.

I’m really enjoying this new app called Play. It is a great way to keep a list of YouTube videos you want to watch. The YouTube app handles this is so badly but this app makes it super easy.

Picked up Beats Fit Pros today. Tried them on in the Apple Store and they seemed great. Have to wait 2 weeks for my birthday until I get though. 😁

So I have now been diagnosed with high trait self control. 😁…

I like tweaking settings in apps until I end up where I started. At least I know I was right the first time. 😁

Testing it again

Testing cross posting 😁

Last week I quit the news and it’s been great. Highly recommended.

My day is present Teams PD, join Teams Meeting, Create Teams Guide, help teacher practice Teams meeting with students, Teams call with external presenter, Teams Teams Teams 😂

Daughters parent information night and I’m left wondering why are we still teaching how to use coins and read an analogue clock. Haven’t we solved these problems and moved on 🤔

New look based off Canoopsy

We made model portraits of each other. 🤣

Watched 📽 Mortal Combat and I wish I didn’t 🤣. Probs better than Godzilla vs Kong, at least I think they knew it was a bit silly.

Netflix is raising their price again, it’s still cheaper than a movie ticket and I get so much more, so at this stage I’m ok with it.

Finished reading: Abaddon’s Gate by James S. A. Corey 📚 - of course it was great.